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PharmacyOS is the only pharmacy system designed for people managing multiple medications.

Current Industry

Pharmacy Today

Traditional pharmacy systems were designed to dispense individual prescriptions as efficiently as possible. They track and manage inventory, run insurance claims, and do basic clinical checks to make sure that a prescription from your doctor ends up as a pill bottle in your hand.


Americans take more than 5 medications every day.

Due to the design of these systems, most pharmacies can’t help customers manage the work associated with taking multiple medications. The systems were never designed to. Today, someone taking four medications has roughly four times the complexity as someone taking a single medication.

Introducing PharmacyOS

PharmacyOS is the only pharmacy system that makes it easy for both pharmacists and customers to manage multiple daily medications. The platform and workflow are designed around a customer’s entire set of medications, instead of just designed to efficiently process individual prescriptions.

PharmacyOS can proactively identify, understand, and solve any problems that might stand between a customer and their medication. For customers, this means streamlined service, fewer back-and-forth phone calls, and more control over how a customer’s end-to-end medication plan is managed. It's a radically different approach that ultimately helps people stay healthy.

The New Model

PharmacyOS was built to be proactive + customer‑centric.

Prescription Management diagram Insurance Management diagram Customer Communication diagram Medication Delivery diagram
Prescription Management diagram

Prescription Management


We ensure that a customer’s medications are not interrupted by actively pursuing refills prior to a prescription nearing its end.


Automated and efficient data entry ensures accuracy, and our tools offer pharmacists a complete view of a customer’s medications.

Insurance Management diagram

Insurance Management


We run insurance checks on new prescriptions to ensure we have time to process prior authorizations or work through other potential claim rejections.


We automate the process of running insurance claims, and check to make sure the customer utilizes the option that results in the lowest possible cost.

Customer Communication diagram

Customer Communication


Customers are kept in the loop on the status of their prescriptions, bills, and deliveries through SMS, email, mail, and phone.


Through the dashboard and iPhone app, customers have a comprehensive view into all their medications, bills, and shipments.

Medication Delivery diagram

Medication Delivery

Optimize + Dispense

We synchronize and optimize the customer’s medications and a single shipment is created that includes all of their medications in one box.

PharmacyOS is more than a rethinking of a pharmacy system. It truly represents the early stages of a platform that over time will create a radical shift in chronic care management.

Elliot Cohen

Co-Founder and CTO

A proactive engine to monitor workflows.

PharmacyOS was designed to identify and resolve issues that can interrupt medication management.


An automated workflow that connects with prescribers in advance of prescription renewals to ensure a customer never runs out of refills.


The system automatically checks for prior authorizations and other potential formulary issues, in advance of the dispense date.


It automates the process of prescription retrieval and data entry from prescribers, reducing human error and ensuring pharmacists review and check for proper dosing and interactions.


Internal communication tool PharmacyCRM, automates SMS, email, and phone based notifications, keeping customers notified of the status of their prescriptions and deliveries.

PharmacyOS Renewal Tool Screen PharmacyOS Data Entry Screen PharmacyOS Billing Tool Screen

Renewal Tool

The Renewal Tool automates all the workflow necessary to ensure we always have an active prescription on file for all the medications a customer takes. The system catches any renewal requests that a prescriber has failed to respond to and ensures follow-up, preventing any interruption of customer’s medications.

Data Entry

The tool pharmacists use to enter and check prescriptions provides all the necessary context about the the customer’s medications; reducing errors of duplication, omission, and interaction.

Billing Tool

The Billing System balances automated insurance claims with the ability to efficiently manually process complicated insurance and coverage issues; ensuring that customers always get the medications they need with the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost.

A solution that’s customer centric.

PharmacyOS was designed to help customers maintain a consistent schedule and care plan.


PharmacyOS ensures all medications are always filled at the same time, monitoring for renewal and refill issues. This reduces confusion around medications starting and stopping in different cycles and avoids unexpected delays.


With all of a customer’s medications coordinated as a unit, the system allows PillPack pharmacists to complete a comprehensive clinical check any time a single medication changes. This attention to detail is impossible when medications are dispensed individually.


As medication has been synchronized and validated, a single shipment is created that includes all of a customer’s medications in one box. This is automatically delivered to the customers door monthly, eliminating the need to track individual prescriptions.


PharmacyOS offers a comprehensive view into all medications, billing, and shipments. This serves as a single view that is bolstered by 24/7 pharmacy support.


The dashboard displays a comprehensive list of medications, information about prescriptions, bills, and past and upcoming shipments. Customers have easy access to schedule, add, or remove medications on their dashboard at any time.

PillPack Dashboard screen
PillPack iPhone app screen


Innovative service solutions

With flexible APIs and one-of-a-kind workflow capabilities, PharmacyOS helps deliver service excellence.

For Payers

Our proprietary systems can trigger targeted interventions designed to help high-risk populations achieve specific adherence goals.

For Manufacturers

PharmacyOS gives you better control over every service touchpoint to help with benefits investigation, expanding clinical understanding, and exploring new distribution channels.

For New Entrants

PharmacyOS can decrease time to market for new, innovative medication services, while helping you stay focused on designing great customer experiences.